foster men's club
Club Officers

President                           Randall Haupt

Vice President                   Rick Hanlon

Past President                   Kenny Yorozu

Secretary/Treasurer           Rick Broderick
Sergeant at Arms               John Langer
Club Captain                      Ronald Hadford

Board of Directors              Scott Anderson     George Cano
                                           Mike Hartley          G. Craig Johnson
                                           Mitch Lagasca      
Talofa Lei
                                           Clark Bowen          John Dewyne
                                           Jim Kostohris         Dave Swedelius



Tournaments                      G. Craig Johnson   Ron Hadford   Joe Langer
Handicaps                          G. Craig Johnson   Ron Hadford   Clark Bowen
eClubhouse                       G. Craig Johnson
                                          Ron Hadford
Food                                 Rick Broderick   Clark Bowen   Talofa Lei                
The officers and board members meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM to approve new members and discuss and plan club events. 

All Foster Golf Club members are encouraged to attend.