Friends of Foster Golf – Volunteer Opportunity

Quality customer service along with a value-added experience is a daily goal at Foster Golf Links. As Friends of Foster Golf Links, you will have one of the most recognizable “faces” to our customers. What we say, what we do, and how we interact with the public and enforce policies are vital to the overall success of the course.

In recognition of your time & efforts, Foster Golf Links provides the Friends of Foster Golf Links with reduced fees for golf and cart privileges and provides a merchandise discount during the time you are actively volunteering. Please keep in mind our public play and tournaments have priority use in all areas, as we must generate enough revenue to cover our operating expenditures. Having enough carts and primetime tee times to meet the public demands, is a necessity.

General outline of duties, expectations, and policies:


  • $10 Green Fees
  • 20% Discount on Cart Fees
  • Cost Plus 20% on Merchandise

Time commitment:

  • Fulfill one 6-hour shift per week, including one-weekend shift per month.
  • Shifts 
  •        Morning shift: 7 AM-1 PM Primary duties include pulling carts, cleaning tee boxes (including emptying trash), and starter.
  •        Midday shift: 10 AM-4 PM Primary duties include turning carts, starters, and marshaling.
  •        Afternoon shift: 12 PM-6 PM Primary duties include parking carts, starter, and marshaling.
  • Arrive on time and work the entire shift. 
  • If schedule changes are needed, please find coverage from “Sub List” and report changes to the Golf Coordinator in advance of your shift.  If you cannot find coverage, please notify the Golf Coordinator.
  • Those working less than the standard 6 hours per week shifts will be contacted by the Golf Coordinator to discuss being placed on the “Call List” for other activities supporting the golf course.

General Duties:

  • Use radios at all times.
  • Check with pro shop staff for cart needs and assist with turning carts throughout your shift.
  • Repair ball marks on greens and sand divots on tee boxes and fairways.
  • Monitor pace of play, assist with moving slower groups along and enforce course policies.
  • Friends of Foster major priorities & focus: Assisting Foster Golf staff, monitoring course, enforcing policies, improving course conditions, and consistently being visible & available & interacting with the public in a positive manner.
  • During your shift avoid: Spending unnecessary time in the pro shop, practicing or playing golf, ball hunting, socializing with golfers during play, etc.

Want to become a member of the Friends of Foster Golf program? Please complete the forms below and turn them in to the golf shop. If you have any questions, send us an email at or give us a call at 206.421.4221